HET Spectra of Extragalactic Novae

Some recent HET extragalactic nova spectra (Nova M32 2006 #1, Nova M33 2006 #1, Nova M31 2006 #9, Nova M31 2006 #11, Nova M31 2006 #12 [two epochs], Nova M31 2006 #14, Nova M31 2006 #16, Nova M31 2006 #18, Nova M31 2007 02a, Nova M31 2007 02b, M31Nova2007 #20, M33Nova2007 #01, Nova M31 2007 10a, Nova M31 2007-11b, Nova M31 2007-11c, M31 2007-11d, M21 2007-11e, M31N 2007-12b, M31N 2007-12b, M31N 2007-12d, M31N 2008-08dS3, M31N 2008-09aS3, M31N 2008-09bS3a, M31N 2008-10aS3, M31N 2008-10bS5.gif, M31N 2008-11aS3.gif, M81N 2008-12b.gif, M33N 2009-01aS3, M31N 2009-01a, M31N 2009-02a, M31N 2010-09a, M31N 2010-09b, M31N 2010-09c, M31N 2010-10a, M31N 2010-10b, M31N 2010-10c, M33N 2010-10a, M31N 2010-10d) obtained by Shafter and collaborators (M.F. Bode, R. Ciardullo, M.J. Darnley, K.A. Misselt) are shown below:

Most of these novae are of the "Fe II" type in the classification system of Williams (1992). The only clear exceptions are M31 Nova 2006 #12, M33 Nova 2007 #01, M31N 2007-12b, M31N 2007-12d, M31N 2008-11a, and M33N 2009-01a, which are of the He/N type. Note the broad emission lines indicating a higher expansion velocities in these novae. (Nova M31 2007 10a and Nova M31 2007-11b are peculiar in that they have very narrow emission, but show He I lines.) M31N 2012-09a is likely a recurrent nova with previous eruptions being M31N 1984-07a and M31N 2004-11f (note the very broad emission line component clearly visible at H-alpha).

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