Dr. Allen W. Shafter

BA     Physics         1977   University of California, Irvine

MA    Astronomy   1978   University of California, Los Angeles

PhD   Astronomy   1983   University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests

My principal research is focused on the study of cataclysmic variable stars:
Novae, Dwarf Novae, and Nova-like variables (An artist's conception is shown below).

Artist's visualization of a nova (NASA/Hardy)

This work includes the study of the fundamental properties of these systems in our own galaxy,
as well as the study of the spatial distribution and population of nova systems in nearby galaxies,
such as M31 (below).

The Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

Doctoral Thesis

My doctoral thesis from 1983 is entitled "On the Masses of White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Binaries", and can be downloaded here.

M31N 2008-12a, a rapidly-recurring recurrent nova in M31

An image of a portion Andromeda galaxy showing the position of M31N 2008-12a is shown below.
Its annual eruptions have have generated a large "super remnant", visible as an arc to the right of the
nova site (indicated by the green cross hairs).

Our group's recent work on the super remnant has been covered in SDSU NewsCenter.

For more information on my extragalactic nova work generally, visit my Extragalactic Nova web page.

My recent book on Extragalactic Novae

Current Teaching

Spring 2023 Classes

Public Talks

AAS Journals Author and Scientific Editor Interviews


  • Led the effort to secure the principal gift of $750,000 from the estate of Phillips Claud, Jr. for the construction of a new 1.25-m telescope at Mount Laguna Observatory.

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